My name is Andy, I’m a Graphic Designer and Illustrator currently based in Glasgow, Scotland. I have been living and working in Helsinki, Finland since 2013, until Covid 19 came along.

I am really passionate about all forms of graphic design but especially branding, mixed media and illustration. I also have skills in animation, video, designing for web, typography and packaging design. I would describe my style as….


My style is to always try and keep things simple and very graphic. Not necessarily simple in the sense of being minimalistic but more about being bold and not adding extra unless it is needed. Whether it is using strong typography, solid colours, geometric shapes or creating crazy characters!


I think of myself as a bit of a chameleon – able to adapt to different clients and able to do a lot of different things. I have my own strong point of view and design aesthetic but it’s important not to force that on a project. Listening to the client and understanding what they really need from the beginning is much more important than trying to force your own design style when it doesn’t necessarily fit. Being able to adapt makes the working relationship much smoother but I know how important it is for both sides to be open to get the best result.


I have skills across different media and software – from creating a visual identity to illustrating a character to designing a website layout to editing a video. I believe it helps a lot in the design process and to communicate ideas in different ways and using a variety of media. My portfolio shows this – for example the Wester brand identity/bottle compared to the Sweet Corner characters.


I’m really passionate about all kinds of design and always try to work on learning new skills and learning from others. Design is always changing and I think it’s important to be open to change as well. For me it’s really important to work on my own projects – even if it just for fun – as it keeps the creativity flowing. I have gained a lot of experience working for 5+ years in the design field and am eager to push on further!




Graphic Designer at Lateral North / 2020 >

Graphic Designer at Mozo / 2013 – 2020

Graphic Designer at Esn UK / 2012 – 2013


Graphic Design for Digital Media / First class Honours degree / Glasgow Caledonian University / 2010 – 2013

Media / TAMK: Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu / Erasmus Exchange / 2011

Architecture / Bsc Bachelor degree / University of Strathclyde / 2005 – 2008


Any questions? I would love to hear from you